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-the Plotting Poetry team (Anne-Sophie Bories, Petr Plecháč, Pablo Ruiz Fabo)

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Welcome to Plotting Poetry!

We are a network of scholars focussing on the development and use of mechanically enhanced reading tools for the study of Literature and poetry.

We first met for a conference in Basel in 2017, then for a workshop in Berlin in 2018, and for another conference in Nancy in 2019. We shall meet again in Prague in 2020, and hopefully in Tartu in 2021.

We are affiliated to the Special Interest Group “Digital Literary Stylistics” of the ADHO.

Anyone sharing our interests is welcome to join the group.

Steering Committee: 

Anne-Sophie Bories
(University of Basel)

Petr Plecháč
(Institute of Czech
Literature of the CAS)

Pablo Ruiz Fabo
(Université de Strasbourg)